Keep it simple.

Put simply, an apprenticeship is a real job with training and support.

As the employer you must give your apprentices an induction into their role and provide regular and structured on and off-the-job training.

Anyone on an apprenticeship should have a rounded and complete work experience with challenges and learning.

This applies to new staff who could be entering work for the first time or to existing staff taking the next step in their career. 

You have a chance to create your perfect employee and as with anything, you get out what you put in. Patience is normally rewarded.

We will work with you to design the right programme for your business through either an apprenticeship framework or one of the new standards.


We will support and guide you by working with you to:
Source and shortlist apprenticeship candidates for interview.
Support your qualifying existing staff into Apprenticeships.
Help you navigate the Apprenticeship Levy and other apprenticeship reforms.
Mitigate your levy or co-investment expenditure through incentives.
Agree a training plan with your apprentice and line management
Manage the training and evaluation; review this with you.
Ensure that national quality standards are met and deliver integrated, coherent training.

Our Recruitment Process

Our recruitment service brings together employers and young, bright and willing apprentices looking to work in an organisation just like yours.
Mostly aged 16-23 and full of fresh ideas, our apprentice candidates are eager to take their first steps onto the career ladder.

The basic process is as follows:

  • You complete a template covering your firm, the job description and the remuneration and benefits. 
  • We will discuss this with you to help build a full picture of your requirements. We will advise you based upon our previous success and the current market conditions and make honest and straightforward recommendations.
  • We advertise your vacancy, filter the CVs and conduct preliminary interviews. 
  • We then send you the CVs of the candidates that are matched to your job specification. We will not send a procession of unsuitable candidates.
  • You select the candidates you would like to interview, give us the dates and times and we will arrange the interviews. 
  • Hopefully, you select the successful candidate!

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