Apprenticeships and Work Based Learning in Leeds and across Yorkshire


Our employer partners, large or small, are actively involved in our learners’ apprenticeship programmes.

This applies whether they are for existing staff taking a step up or brand new employees.
We understand the demands of business and ensure our programmes fit around those demands.
We work with companies to offer bespoke learning and development programmes based around apprenticeship standards. 

We help you navigate all the bureaucracy and guide you simply through the process.

We access funding to support delivery and can also access incentive funding to support companies to employ apprentices.

Your investment is therefore in TIME to develop your people and the future of your business.


Increased competence 

Apprenticeship programmes enable learners to reflect on existing competence and help them then identify improvements and tasks to make them more effective in their job-role and more beneficial to their organisation.

Personal learning and thinking skills

Our programmes encourage reflection, participation, teamwork, communication, problem solving, listening, planning and organisation, time management, attention to detail. We also offer soft skills workshops in communication, motivation and time management.

Self confidence 

We help to develop an increased knowledge of capabilities leading to ambition, career progression, a thirst for responsibilities, aspirations – successful learners look for opportunities to progress and to lead.

Development of knowledge and understanding - including an appreciation of legislation, policies, responsibilities and health.

Staff development

Our programmes offer enhanced opportunities for feedback from peers and management. The programmes can fit around appraisal processes and staff development programmes.

Insight - appreciation of the industry, company goals and also other people’s or departmental priorities.

Use of maths and English and ICT - We can deliver additional support when required. These are all skills required in the delivery of excellence.


These programmes will help develop exceptional business administration skills, which can be utilised in a variety of roles and industries. The course is designed to give your employees the confidence and ability to manage many administrative tasks. The units include: Organising and supporting meetings, research and report writing and looking after business software. Successful completion of this recognised qualification will give your employee the skills to carry out a multitude of administrative tasks such as directing calls, typing letters, organising meetings and distribution of important documents. Administration skills are essential within any organisation.



LEVEL 3 - 12-18 MONTHS

These programmes will provide the skills to deliver excellent Customer Service, which can be applied to a range of job roles across different sectors. This course is ideal for those dealing with customers both face to face and over the phone and those who need to improve their communication skills. With a selection of optional units to focus upon, the qualification will include developing a better understanding of customer relationships, improving customer loyalty and problem solving. This programme will enhance communication skills, using essential techniques to improve customer satisfaction. The employee will be able to handle customer complaints and queries, concentrating on retention of business and increased sales.


LEVEL 2 - 12-15 MONTHS

LEVEL 3 - 12-18 MONTHS

These programmes are designed to help develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to perform effectively as a Manager at all levels. Apprenticeships give practising and aspiring Team Leaders and more senior managers a solid foundation on which to develop their leadership skills, helping them to motivate their team members and achieve targets. The programmes cover areas such as managing resources, providing leadership, setting objectives and operational planning, managing performance, how to become an effective manager, recruit an effective workforce, plan and implement change, solve problems and managing budgets. 

This will equip your employees to be able to motivate a team, develop productive working relationships, participate in meetings, support customer service improvements and allocate and check work within a team; all skills which are essential within any organisation.

As a result of training for the Management qualification, your employees will have the ability to ensure that their team are productive, which will significantly contribute to the performance of your organisation. These Apprenticeships are ideal for anyone who needs to manage their own resources, provide leadership and allocate or monitor the progress and quality of work in their area of responsibility.


LEVEL 3 - 12 - 18 MONTHS

LEVEL 5 - 24 - 30 MONTHS

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